What to tip in thailand

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what to tip in thailand

It is not customary to tip in Thailand, but a tip will always be appreciated as service staff in Thailand are often not paid very well. Even a small tip in will go a long. Our family of 3 has some private day tours booked for Thailand and Myanmar. How much should we tip the guide for the day? how much for the. Where, when, and how much do I have to tip in Thailand. Besides planning an itinerary there are certain things travelers like to know, especially. I just tipped my chambermaid tbh halfway through my ten day stay. You shouldn't have to settle on a fixed rate. Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter. This one can be tricky. I don't think this approach is that different to London, to be fair. Header Right Search this website.


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What to tip in thailand - kommt, dass

Aug 29, at 6: A tab will run where they place all order chits into a holder and add it up at the end. Massage therapists, spa technicians and salon employees should also be tipped 10 percent or more. There is no surcharge when going to the airport. Reach your target price, say and call it a day. This work for almost every field, but not for taxis in Thailand, especially Bangkok. S it either cross-legged, or with your feet tucked behind you. what to tip in thailand



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